James Joyce In Context

Documentary photographs of places in Paris, Trieste, Zurich, and Dublin
associated with James Joyce.

Photographic images copyright (c) 2003,2004 Megan O'Beirne.
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RDS Member and Bloomsday celebrant John Holohan views Megan O'Beirne's Joyce photographic exhibition in the RDS, 16 June 2017.

Photographic exhibition

"Joyce's Dublin 2005"

An exhibition of  black-and-white photographs by Megan O'Beirne of Dublin and environs associated with the novelist James Joyce.

James Joyce Bridge, Dublin, photograph (c) Megan O'Beirne 2005

Dates: June 1-30, 2005
Venue: Dublin Central Library,
ILAC Centre, Henry Street, Dublin 1.


James Joyce Tre Citta: Dublino, Zurigo, Parigi; a Trieste

2004 exhibitions

Trieste, Oct. 2004With the support of the Municipio of Trieste, in association with the University of Trieste
Photographic exhibition in the Sala Quarantotti
Gambini, via del Teatro Romano 7. It was opened on October 20 by His Excellency Frank Cogan, Ambassador of Ireland to Italy. Oct. 20 is the 100th anniversary of James Joyce's arrival at Trieste Station with Nora Barnacle. It will close on November 6th.

 With the support of the Municipio of Trieste, in association with the University of Trieste

Megan shares a joke with the Irish Ambassador, Frank Cogan

Left to right: Ambassador Frank Cogan, artist Megan O'Beirne, Prof. Renzo Crivelli, dott. Bianca Cuderi,  Dominic Martin, Dr. John McCourt

Statue of James Joyce at Ponterosso, Trieste

A new statue of James Joyce, an honorary citizen of Trieste, was unveiled on Oct 19 2004 on the bridge over the Canal Grande looking towards where he used to live at the Piazza Ponterosso.

Megan during the setting up of her exhibition


Five of Megan's pictures of places in Paris where Joyce lived are in the biographical timeline in the touch-screen exhibition in the National Library of Ireland "James Joyce and Ulysses" until Summer 2005.

Also see Megan's article "James Joyce - an urban genius" on Joyce's life and work in his three cities: Zurich, Trieste and Paris.

Dublin City Public Libraries in association with Megan O’Beirne presented "James Joyce in his urban context", an exhibition of black and white photographs, from 11th June to 24th July 2004 in the Central Library, Ilac Centre, Henry St.  including Bloomsday. Sponsored by Systems Modelling, Gorey, Co. Wexford

Previous photographic exhibitions in Dublin and Treviso can be found on the photos page.



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DUBLIN. A selection of photographs from the exhibition.
A Dart train comes from the south-side suburbs to cross the Liffey river at Butt Bridge.(c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

A Dart train comes from the south-side suburbs to cross the Liffey river at Butt Bridge.


Aerial view of the River Liffey (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

Aerial view of the River Liffey.

Aerial view of Tara Street,Dublin  (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

Aerial view of Tara Street where Bloom visited the baths.

James Joyce Street, Dublin.  (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

James Joyce Street renamed (for the second time). Now cleaned-up and almost anonymous, the narrow street was known as Mabbot Street in Joyce’s time. It led to the infamous Mecklenburgh Street, part of ‘Night-town’ in the Circe episode of Ulysses.

The River Liffey, looking upstream.(c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

The River Liffey, upstream.


The James Joyce Bridge designed Santiago Calatrava  (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

The James Joyce Bridge designed by the Spanish architect Dr Santiago Calatrava and erected on the occasion of the Joyce Centennial, 2004.

The Martello Tower(1804), Sandycove, (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

The Martello Tower(1804), Sandycove,  where Joyce lived with Oliver St.John Gogarty who rented it. It is immortalised in the opening chapter of Ulysses.

‘Scribbles’ on Sandymount strand  (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

‘Scribbles’ on Sandymount strand as the tide recedes.

Fountain in Iveagh Gardens (c)2004 Megan O'Beirne

Fountain in Iveagh Gardens adjacent to 85, Newman House where Joyce attended university.


The following pictures are a partial documentation of places associated with Joyce in Trieste, Zurich, and Paris. Shown in the ILAC Centre Library in Dublin 2004, it is my way of saying "thank you" to Dublin where I grew up and went to college, and to Joyce who has immortalised Dublin of late 19th and early 20th century. He has also captured the eternal life-springs of man and woman, and made them flow together timelessly. As a Dubliner who has studied Italian and lived in Italy I have a natural sympathy for the work of Joyce.


Square James Joyce, a public park with children's playground and herb garden

Square James Joyce

No. 5 Boulevard Raspail where Joyce lived in Paris

5, Bvd. Raspail

No. 2 Square Robiac where Joyce lived in Paris

2, Square Robiac

Plaque in Rue de l'Odeon commemorating publication by Sylvia Beach of 'Ulysses'

Plaque Rue de l'Odeon: Sylvia Beach published 'Ulysses'


No. 38, Universitatstrasse where Joyce lived

38, Universitatstrasse

No. 29 Universitatstrasse where Joyce wrote 'Ulysses'

29, Universitatstrasse where Joyce wrote 'Ulysses'

James Joyce Grave with statue by Milton Hebald, Fluntern Cemetery

James Joyce Grave, Fluntern Cemetery

Picture of Zurichsee looking towards the Town Hall (Rathaus)

Zurichsee towards Rathaus


Joyce's apartment overlooking Piazza Ponterosso, Canal Grande

Apartment overlooking Piazza Ponterosso, Canal Grande

Berlitz School, Via San Nicolo 32 where Joyce taught

Berlitz School, Via San Nicolo 32

The 'Central' (Haberleitner) hotel where James & Nora Joyce stayed briefly

The 'Central' (Haberleitner) hotel where Joyces stayed

"Tarry Easty - James Joyce in Trieste" poster - click to enlarge

The poster from my photographic exhibition "Tarry Easty - James Joyce in Trieste"


Hand made prints mounted on PVC+10mm foamboard backing with velcro and D-rings ready for hanging. Price each $120 /€ 100, £70
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Photographs copyright (c) 2003,2004 Megan O'Beirne

Previous exhibitions

Portrait of James Joyce from the JJ Centre, Dublin
James Joyce Centre
35 Nth. Gt. George's St.,
 Dublin 1, Ireland

My photographic exhibition entitled "Tarry Easty - James Joyce in Trieste" at the James Joyce Centre, Dublin, June 2003-April 2004  explored the city of Trieste as described in John McCourt's biography, The Years of Bloom

  Solo black-and-white photographic exhibition
"Giochi di Luce (Play of Light)"  August 2002
Arman, Via Manzoni 27, Treviso, Italy  

I do my own printing. My film is processed by Hetty's Darkroom in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, who was awarded Lab of the year and Printer of the year.

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